Bhutan’s ONLY rapper! Help wanted: more Bhutanese rappers!!

July 6, 2011


Kay D (Kezang Dorji) proves that rapping well is not easy.  In his case: impossible! 

It’s another “video”–i.e. slideshow–of a rapper.  Thing is, the worse the rapping, the better the vid needs to be.  But what do you expect–the more talented and creative folks will make better videos.  In this case, the rhyming is just creatively moribund, the flow is way off the beat, and there’s even copped lines from 1993.

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4 Comments on “Bhutan’s ONLY rapper! Help wanted: more Bhutanese rappers!!”

  1. Kezang Dorji Says:

    Mister whoever. 1st m not a professional rapper. M nt english speaker by birth too.. I com from a remote place.. N m nt ashamed watever people like u say. N i dnt copy that line.. Dnt u listen to songs. Lines can b same. Its wat u mean.. N n this is just sth i tried for the first time. Its nt the final song. Its on its way.. N nt studio recorded.. Its so funny that there are people like you too who cant encourage people like us. Bt it doesnt change me.. Thankx that u atleast saw my page.. M optimistic all time. No hate. No anger. No excitement. Ha..


    • TheJDG Says:

      We’re just sorry you removed that vid!

      Anyway, without you, we wouldn’t have had a Bhutanese rap vid, so THANK YOU!

      But most importantly: rap in Bhutanese!! How many more rappers do we need rapping in English?!


  2. Kezang Dorji Says:

    Ya.. M sorry for that i found ua article on it a lil demoralizing. So i had to. N wen it comes to my country its very new to such things compared to many countries. So not so gud. Infact bad..very bad..i feel it lookin at true rappers n al.. N y in english bcuz i feel its very rich in words n beautiful over people here will b shocked if rapped in our language.. So..its funny agn.. Bt i do try n have too.. But dont mind my response please. I know u r gud guys exploring music world wide.. I will get more on my channel in the future.. Maybe u myt see some changes.. Or i dont know.. But wat u checked was in my infancy in rappin.. I myt ve grown bt not so much.. Neways.. Thanx..


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