Phil Collins’ Genesis?! Nope! Vanuatu’s!

August 4, 2011


Is it possible these guys live on Vanuatu?  Their from there, but the rapping is just … awesome!  This tune’s about Jesus and these guys are rhyming like the 2nd coming.

I mean, it’s just one bombshell after the next.  The French rapper kills it, too.  The size of this group is like half the men on the island.  It’s Vanuatu’s wutang.  I still have a tough time believing their from there.  Please confirm/deny.  Whatever the case, these guys lay down a barrage of raps with an all-natural reggae beat underneath.  Good stuff.

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2 Comments on “Phil Collins’ Genesis?! Nope! Vanuatu’s!”

  1. Smol fyah Says:

    Much luv Remedy….talent appears in corners we least expect…..Bless!!


  2. Islandboy Says:

    Confirm!!!!…Vanuatu it is.. :D…


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