300+M YouTube views, #7 MySpace…and glad we never heard of ‘em

December 18, 2011

United States of America, WWorst

The duo is LMFAO, son/grandson of Motown founder/legend Berry Gordy, and purveyors of a distinctive brand of garbage-hop. This video alone has 323M views on youtube a/o 12/17/11. Oh…and best of all?

We never heard of ‘em until looking at the MySpace top 10 artists list today. That oughtta tell you how much charts influence us! Not that we’ve been missing anything. What you get with LMFAO is cheap sounding techno/electronica beat with rap tracks on top, sold to suburban teens hooked on the sarcastic-but-not-too-funny shiny made-for-MTV vids.

So why here? Well…they do rap and…like it or not…that’s what we write about here.

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