“Master and King”: the best joint off The Holstar and Teckzilla’s “The Extraordinaires”

February 13, 2012

Canada, Nigeria, Zambia

Master and King opens with a riff that sounds like a way slowed down version of Heavy D’s “Now that We Found Love” (see below too). But the melody’s slightly different and very current. It’s an addictive song…the best off  “The Extraordinaires from The Holstar (Zambia) and Teckzilla (Canada, bwo Nigeria).

Teckzilla’s style is reminiscent of the Dust Brothers–lots of splicing and dicing. And the album’s got a real 70′s feel with lots of 70′s soul and funk samples. Overall, in a bizarre way, feels a lot like Mountain’s Nantucket Sleighride. The production’s got an early 90′s hiphop feel overall. But this song’s worth the download.

Here’ the lyrics:

Verse 1
My Birth was an exam, math was the one final/
If life was the fatality, I am the one spinal/
Combonic move, I sonic boom but I ain’t shifting crowds/
Black rise from the white powder and scream it loud/
Cocaine rush, watch my propane bust/
Get dope brain, father kids homie – old man’s nut/
I’m a smooth, rude, crude, intelligent schmuck/
I spit bullets ill-logic watch irrelevants duck/
Like Pelicans cluck and Chickens fly, my Charles Dickens cry/
Men to cheat to open doors, that’s why women lie/
Test the Kid they can’t even try/
Took paint bristles with permanent ink and leave em dry/

I’m the Master and King – I put that on everything/
Raps my thing – I put that on everything/
The crowns my ring, married to the game, this is eternal bliss I will never be the same/
The Raps my paint, the beats my canvas, paint vivid pictures as big as Kansas/
Lsk thorough bred, Z.E.D’s the answer, industry’s my dance-floor, the constant dancer/
The Raps my paint, the beats my canvas, paint vivid pictures as big as Kansas/
Lsk thorough bred, Z.E.D’s the answer, industry’s my dance-floor, the constant dancer/

Verse 2
So since the industry’s my dance-floor, I’m doing the hammer dance/
And I’m too legit to quit even stick to an hour glass/
Days of our lives, the Bold beat the beautiful/
Society decayed but the saloon is still beauty-full/
The bars packed filled with crackerjacks, brothers with mean overbites/
Grim-Jaw Jacker-Jack, Holstar is gun-less so I’m supposed to clap it back/
That’s why I only murder tracks, here to extract the cataract/
The Kid’s precise that’s why I’m trying to be mad exact/
Roll in a Blue Phantom suicide doors advancing/
Who the guys who’s glancing, Cupid eyes are trancing/
Stupid thighs harassing, trapped in a Vise and glassed in/


Verse 3
In the beginning was the word, the word was the beginning/
And now it is heard through the world, it is deep in my soul; Translucent/
It’s tattered on my heart – you can’t move it/
Man was made and Woman from Man/
Flesh of my flesh, Bone of my bones, one forever/
Scribe on the stones by forefathers, drawn on the walls by ancestors/
This is an Art that you can’t measure, priceless this is us/
Us is we and we is you, you are me and I am you/
The grand plan, built in the tower of Babel/
Communicate to brethren through common apparel/
It ‘s all in my blood soaked shoulders and shawl x 3

And here’s Heavy D:

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