The “Rap Sentry”, Tunisia’s Hidden Blade (Firas Louati), Slays this Rhyme

March 12, 2012


What’s most surprising about Firas Louati–goes by the rap handle Hidden Blade–is that his English rapping is really good.  Like…really good. In this ESL rap world, it’s just a foregone conclusion these guys are going to suck in English. So when they smoke it, it’s just spinetingling. But then he also kills it in Arabic. Read more…

He is Tunisian, home most famously, now, of El General. But Hidden Blade has really solid skills himself, and did his own anthem to the revolution, Wa yahya alwatan “Tunisian Revolution”He’s more talented than most of the rappers we listen to, and perhaps not taking off could be because it’s hard to pin him down: is he Hidden Blade or Firas Louati or Phiras Louati? He has a mashup of Facebook, mySpace, and Reverbnation pages, but t0ugh to figure out which is the most recent or official. it’s like an identity crisis, “Who am I this week?” Hopefully he catches on…

In his own words: “fromSsfax, Tunisia… Faithful to the tradition of pioneer [must be Tunisian] Rappers and lyricists like MF doom, Shurik’n and Madlib, comes this new Rap/Samurai/Martial arts/Oriental Fusion self-produced Album “Ronin” from Hidden Blade ~Katagiri~ … Dropping in 2010.”

Lyrics here:
My blade hidden hidden blade walking over burnt mc’s midden
lookin down spittin rimes well written, who’s winnin who’s leavin rap traitors death bed ridden
bad breath bad death i’m feelin is what’s fittin throat slittin spleen splittin with rime spittin
old school rap empire collapsin a brand new hip hop shogunate repla…cin it corrupt officials fear us, when they hear us hidden blade real name Firas,
evidently i’m rap’s last sentry , battle skillz passed on for centuries, it’s elementary,
hidden blade’s weaponized poetry, dasole’s lacin the track while i track intruders they all die eventually only pure blood gentry
from now on,
Raps the forbidden city and im blockin its entry
Hidden Blade the sentry
the resistance
method discipline
subtlety and secrecy
Hidden Blade the sentry
armed rimes weaponized poetry,
rap’s the forbidden city ‘n i’m blocking it’s entry ,

thou my blade hidden hidden blade on guard always ready to fight
light on my feet
precise in my strike
faster than sight
i strike with all my might
a war master craftsman , i wait till night
then i lure he who intrudes thru plains an heights
into alleys dark n’ narrow
all they see is the shadow of my katana ‘N their chest full o’ arrows
rap sparrow i spare no — one, run , its just begun,
hidden blade on the micro make their heads blow
look fo scarecrows for i scare those rap crows those who
try to turn a noble art into cheap prose
they planned the coup now they feel the punishment
this my samurai haiku this my sworn covenant

it’s the third verse of my haiku, hiddenblade high ranked over u
show respect young disciples the END is near
dark in here, walk towards the light overcome ur fear
ante up my rap students grab ur katanas
dressed black on black
ur mic ur uchigatanas
enemy approaches the danger is imminent
today u ready for battle be extra vigilant
warfare is based on deception
be honorable n fight like a samurai rap misconception
cross to our side the conscious rap dojo
our style samurai ninjitsu fusion
martial rap style rime shurikenjitsu
skillz u have to master to be a true master
i will teach u right teach u MIC kenjitsu

 — with Firas Louati and Firas Louati.
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  1. MJF Says:

    This site is bad ass!!!


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