The Worst “Best Vegetarian Song Ever” defines Fremdschämen

Fremdschämen. Learn the word. Because it’s that feeling you have when you watch this video: specifically, utter embarrassment for someone else. It’s that same thing you feel 90% of the time watching Reality TV. But it begs the question: why do people think rap lends legimitacy to their diatribes?!

Obviously, this woman is not a rapper or trying to make a career of it (though she actually is a pretty good singer if you listen and here here scatting a line). But what is it about rap that people with harebrained ideas (they themselves don’t obviously think they’re harebrained) feel a need to write a “rap” and put it to music. In this vid, we have somebody who’s really bright–admittedly, it’s not easy turning bilingual rhymes–but completely deluded. What a joke. Well, maybe that’s why she recorded. And we’re glad she did!

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