About WW

First things first:  WW stands for WorldWide. The idea for HipHopWW started in late spring 2010 in a Detroit basement. The idea: showcase hiphop from every country…on earth. There’s a lot of great stuff coming from virtually unknown places. We’re here to change that.

At WW, we also believe something different is happening with hiphop than any other music ever: it’s been adopted by so many people from so many different cultures speaking so many different languages. Why? Well …  for starters, you don’t need a band and most people on earth have access to a computer.

All hiphop is WWorthy, but here are some deciding factors:

  • Exposure

Whether it’s amazing–or awful–we’ll feature it. A trainwreck of a song/video is just as fascinating to listen to or watch as a hit. We’re also looking to expose the world’s largest hiphop markets to groups from places most never knew existed. After all:  people from all over the world been listening to American hiphop for decades. But vice versa? Well, we’d like to change that.

  • Different 

There are about 7000 languages left in the world. They have different sounds and styles. Some are beautiful to listen to…and some just aren’t. It’s not better or worse: just different. Take English, for example.  It’s not known for it’s sonic beauty like, say, French–the “language of love”. But hiphop was invented in English and the language never sounded so good. WW’s exposing you to different sounds from different places. We’re also exposing you to videos from faraway countries and locales you’ve probably never seen. Seeing how other people live, represent, and rhyme is just pretty cool.

  • Stories

Every song tells a story, and videos tell a story even if you don’t understand the lyrics. They’re eye candy. We want the best…and worst…of these stories to go viral so the world can see what’s out there.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to send a line.


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