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The “Rap Sentry”, Tunisia’s Hidden Blade (Firas Louati), Slays this Rhyme

March 12, 2012

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3-11-2012 10-20-13 PM Tunisian Firas Louati-hidden blade

What’s most surprising about Firas Louati–goes by the rap handle Hidden Blade–is that his English rapping is really good.  Like…really good. In this ESL rap world, it’s just a foregone conclusion these guys are going to suck in English. So when they smoke it, it’s just spinetingling. But then he also kills it in Arabic. Read more…

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How rap music fueled the Arab Spring uprisings

September 16, 2011


9-15-2011 9-33-28 PM hiphop arab spring

Check out this awesome overview of rap in the key revolutionary countries.  Hiphop is everywhere.

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The Anthem of the Jasmine Revolution.

June 26, 2011


6-26-2011el general tunisia rais el bled

It’s the song that put a voice to the Jasmine Revolution and the sonic inspiration for the Arab Spring.

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