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The Worst “Best Vegetarian Song Ever” defines Fremdschämen

March 12, 2012


3-11-2012 10-59-27 PM awful veggie song

Fremdschämen. Learn the word. Because it’s that feeling you have when you watch this video: specifically, utter embarrassment for someone else. It’s that same thing you feel 90% of the time watching Reality TV. But it begs the question: why do people think rap lends legimitacy to their diatribes?!

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Sullee J: the Acronymical Lyrical Pakistani/American delivers “Inception”

February 11, 2012


2-10-2012 9-40-54 PM sullee j inception

Inception features Sullee J’s unique rapid-fire mono-flow. It’s a different kind of flow. Worth a listen. Sullee’s a positive rapper, so no narcorapping here. And how does he do that double chinstrap beard thing?!

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Why This Kolaveri Di: just BEGGING to be rapped on!

January 15, 2012


1-15-2012 12-14-11 AM why this kolaveri di India

Why This Kolaveri Di hit 36M views in 3 mos on Youtube. It’s from a Tamil film, 3, to be released this year. Thing is…the song is just begging to be rapped on!  But not like this…

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Indonesian beatmaker

January 14, 2012


1-13-2012 9-45-28 PM indonesia beatmaker

This is cool. Just shows why hiphop has proliferated to the extent it has. Beats are easy to make and record. But listen to the Indonesian flourishes: the singing and guitar-y instrument.

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Happy New Year! From Danny Wang

January 8, 2012


1-8-2012 12-09-39 AM danny wang, china usa

This video is…awfulsome. It’s a combination of one of the worst beats you’ve heard with the What-the?! hook that kills you at first. And just when you’re about to get that, “I feel-bad-for-you-you’re-so-bad feeling, Danny raps… and he’s not half bad!  Far from the worst you’ve/we’ve heard. Also…

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Kazakhs Black Cost with “Like a Flower through a Stone”

December 30, 2011


12-29-2011 10-48-12 PM black cost kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is like a wedge between Russia and China. But when you think back a few hundred years when modern country lines weren’t there, all you had was land and lots of intermarriage.  Kazakhs look like what you’d expect if you married Chinese and Russians.  And their life is what Black Cost rhymes about.  

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Hindi “rap guru” Badmash. What makes a rap guru anyway?!

December 13, 2011


12-12-2011 11-35-35 PM Badmash hindi rapguru

This is pop-rap. It’s like soft rock rap. Like the band Air Supply … doing rap.  

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Sex, drugs, and … homework?!

December 6, 2011

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12-5-2011 10-45-27 PM japan sex drugs homework

Well, that’s what his shirt says. Only problem is…can’t read Kanji, so no idea who the guy is or what the song’s called. Cool vid, though, and heavy metal beat. More below on getting the song, from youtube:

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Alternate Universes exist. Case in point: this vid by Thai Eazy

November 7, 2011


11-4-2011 11-00-48 PM eazy thai rap feeling good

Take a typical US hiphop vid with black rappers, Benz‘s, and Bling…and substitute all Thai people.  Welcome to an Alternate Universe.  Bizarre when you think about this while you’re watching

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Beautiful St. Petersburg in this Russian rap joint

October 28, 2011


10-23-2011 5-10-56 PM ST Russian hiphop

ST raps over the Volga.  Or some other river.  Anyway…authentic music in the beat makes this a keeper.

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