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Happy New Year! From Danny Wang

January 8, 2012


1-8-2012 12-09-39 AM danny wang, china usa

This video is…awfulsome. It’s a combination of one of the worst beats you’ve heard with the What-the?! hook that kills you at first. And just when you’re about to get that, “I feel-bad-for-you-you’re-so-bad feeling, Danny raps… and he’s not half bad!  Far from the worst you’ve/we’ve heard. Also…

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Sex, drugs, and … homework?!

December 6, 2011

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12-5-2011 10-45-27 PM japan sex drugs homework

Well, that’s what his shirt says. Only problem is…can’t read Kanji, so no idea who the guy is or what the song’s called. Cool vid, though, and heavy metal beat. More below on getting the song, from youtube:

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Underground Chinese hiphop: very cool

October 21, 2011


10-21-2011 12-39-31 AM chinese hiphop nytimes article 09

The floodgates seemed opened 10 years ago, but for some reason we’re investigating, closed.

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NPR promo’d Taiwanese hiphop act Kou Chou Ching today

October 14, 2011


10-13-2011 10-19-46 PM taiwan kou chou ching

  Kou Chou Ching are Taiwanese nationalists.  NPR story’s here.  They draw on their roots here, from the traditional music to rapping in Taiwanese Hokkien and aboriginal Yami.

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Taiwan wants independence. China wants Taiwan. Dog G wants Taiwan.

July 21, 2011


dog g

I don’t speak a lick of Hokkien, but even I can hear him say ‘Taiwan’ a lot.  Definitely pro-Taiwan.

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Addictive beat + Catchy hook + Beasties-like rapping = HIT

July 20, 2011


7-19-2011 JTL mylecon

These guys rhyme like the Beasties and are produced like Britney.  Those are both good things.

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@HipHopWW must-see: yeah, that’s a Flava Flav-style pastry necklace

July 19, 2011


7-18-2011 tibet shapale song

Besides being the funniest vid on WW yet, it’s also pretty much the only one you’ll wanna eat.

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One of the only countries on earth with no homemade hiphop. Guess who-oo?!

July 15, 2011

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kim jong il

Yup, it’s North Korea.  Here’s their illustrious leader, Kim Jong-Il.  I just feel bad for North Koreans: they lead a life of privation…plus no hiphop!  Man!!

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From Mongolia: one of the weirdest vids. Ever.

July 13, 2011


7-13-2011 mongolian hiphop

Synopsis: Rapper’s heads. RGB. Smoking. Nudity. 

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Is Lounge Rap a genre? It is now.

July 11, 2011


7-10-2011 oni japan

“Oni’s the best rapper!”  Well, I don’t know-ni about that, but this strangely cheesy song is strangely catchy. 

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