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The Worst “Best Vegetarian Song Ever” defines Fremdschämen

March 12, 2012


3-11-2012 10-59-27 PM awful veggie song

Fremdschämen. Learn the word. Because it’s that feeling you have when you watch this video: specifically, utter embarrassment for someone else. It’s that same thing you feel 90% of the time watching Reality TV. But it begs the question: why do people think rap lends legimitacy to their diatribes?!

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Why This Kolaveri Di: just BEGGING to be rapped on!

January 15, 2012


1-15-2012 12-14-11 AM why this kolaveri di India

Why This Kolaveri Di hit 36M views in 3 mos on Youtube. It’s from a Tamil film, 3, to be released this year. Thing is…the song is just begging to be rapped on!  But not like this…

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Hindi “rap guru” Badmash. What makes a rap guru anyway?!

December 13, 2011


12-12-2011 11-35-35 PM Badmash hindi rapguru

This is pop-rap. It’s like soft rock rap. Like the band Air Supply … doing rap.  

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Now this … THIS … is a great video! India creatin’ a Rukus!

July 10, 2011


7-9-2011 rukus avenue indian hiphop

The’s story’s old as man:  2 brothers–1 wants fame and fortune; other wants to preserve family values.  In this case, it’s an Indian rap group from Rukus Avenue records, based out of California. 

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