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Int’l HipHop movie: The Furious Force of Rhymes

December 11, 2011

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12-10-2011 9-35-02 PM furious force rhymes

The Furious Force of Rhymes by Joshua Atesh Litle documents hiphop scenes in 5 countries around the world: USA, Israel/Palestine, Germany, France, and Senegal. A must see.

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The “best Swiss vid in ’08″: Nat Geo meets … Calgon

September 10, 2011


9-9-2011 10-30-35 PM brandhard swiss

Sorry, but this feels like a body soap commercial … with an equally fru-fru beat to match.

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It’s tough in some places: Plan B is “rarer than flour”

September 8, 2011


9-7-2011 10-04-50 PM slovenia plan B

These guys from Slovenia produce some pretty well-mixed beats.  This isn’t one of their best, but … the pic in the vid is good.

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Slovak Kali tells this tale of life in post-Soviet Bloc Europe

September 7, 2011


9-6-11 kali slovak

Slovak rapper Kali brings typhoon-like speed to Slovak rap.  Great intro and a heavy beat to match.  

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Can the world stand “The World Can Stand” by Doniu?

September 5, 2011


9-4-2011 10-31-55 PM doniu the world can stand poland

Yes, it can: great footage in this hi-res vid, but … not crazy about the beat.  More pophop than hiphop.

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The Holy Grail: real Liechtensteiner hiphop!

September 2, 2011


9-1-2011 11-12-03 PM lil zare liechtenstein

It took WW harnessing all Google‘s horsepower to dig up some authentic Liech hiphop.  But we got it!

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Vid features guy going Shaolin on a coat rack. Hungary’s AKPH.

August 29, 2011


8-28-2011 9-31-44 PM akph shalin zen buddism

Great vid with a never-cruxing yet mysterious kind of beat and real nice rapping. Hungarians AKPH dropped this in ’09. Hungarian Lyrics and more info below.

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Is Manges the King? And does an ugly language = better hiphop?!

August 26, 2011


8-25-2011 10-43-18 PM manges king germayh

Nobody ever accused the Teutonic languages (German, English…some others) of being beautiful.  But somehow…hiphop made them better.

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Czech invents Romani rap: hiphop + gypsy jazz. Sweet.

August 22, 2011



[] Gipsy has a totally unique style.  And his vids are awesome.  Definitely a star.

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Before CeeLo hit it big with F You, Austrian duo Schönheitsfehler hit in 2000.

August 17, 2011


8-16-2011 10-45-12 PM Schönheitsfehler f you

Schönheitsfehler features rapper Milo–the guy in the glass box–who’s one of the sickest rappers out there.  His speed skills are insane, and considering he was rapping like this in the mid-90′s; pretty ridiculous.

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