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Int’l HipHop movie: The Furious Force of Rhymes

December 11, 2011

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12-10-2011 9-35-02 PM furious force rhymes

The Furious Force of Rhymes by Joshua Atesh Litle documents hiphop scenes in 5 countries around the world: USA, Israel/Palestine, Germany, France, and Senegal. A must see.

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Slingshot hiphop: 2 sides to every story

November 10, 2011


11-9-2011 9-05-39 PM palestinan slingshot hiphop

When you think Middle East, you probably don’t have these images in your head. They dress like Western kids. But the Palestinians here tell their story in this movie, Slingshot Hiphop.

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As the UN gets ready to vote on Palestine, keep this in mind.

September 20, 2011


9-19-2011 9-17-06 PM dam palestine meen erhabe

This is the Palestinian view as expressed by DAM, Palestine’s most famous hiphop crew.  Whether or not you agree with the politics, one thing is for certain…

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How rap music fueled the Arab Spring uprisings

September 16, 2011


9-15-2011 9-33-28 PM hiphop arab spring

Check out this awesome overview of rap in the key revolutionary countries.  Hiphop is everywhere.

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