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“Master and King”: the best joint off The Holstar and Teckzilla’s “The Extraordinaires”

February 13, 2012


2-12-2012 9-41-56 PM holstar and teckzilla

Master and King opens with a riff that sounds like a way slowed down version of Heavy D’s “Now that We Found Love” (see below too). But the melody’s slightly different and very current. It’s an addictive song…the best off  “The Extraordinaires from The Holstar (Zambia) and Teckzilla (Canada, bwo Nigeria).

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2011 United Way Hiphop

December 16, 2011


12-15-2011 9-47-16 PM canada united way hiphop

This is just one of those great examples where hiphop delivers the message better than anything else. Tell a story…to a beat. The main thing is…

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Being an Arab + Rapper = 2 hardest things

September 15, 2011


9-14-2011 10-57-12 PM narcy iraq arab rapper

“Being an Arab and being a rapper: those are the 2 hardest things. Being an Arab: you either get marginalized or shut down.  Being a rapper: you either get marginalized or shut down.”

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