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The biggest rappers ever. Literally!

December 10, 2011


12-9-2011 10-28-54 PM boo-ya tribe bangon

Yup, it’s the Boo-Ya T.R.I.B.E:  6 Samoan brothers raised in Compton. They are huge–like an entire Offensive line. Around and rapping since the 80′s…

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Grandmaster Caz on how SugarHill Gang ripped off his rhymes for Rapper’s Delight

December 5, 2011


12-4-2011 11-13-24 PM Big Bank Hank

Even if you don’t listen to hiphop, you’ve still heard Rapper’s Delight. But what you probably don’t know is that Big Bank Hank (pictured here), ripped off the lyrics from Grandmaster Caz whose rhyme journal he “borrowed” for the recording session.

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Song of the Decade: Letter to my Son

November 18, 2011


11-17-2011 10-48-05 PM don trip usa

Can’t even begin to tell you how good Don Trip is.  this song is.  The lyrics are so raw…so heartfelt.  Months ago the song was being attacked for being too weak.  Just shows how ridiculous American hiphop can be.  Hiphop is modern poetry: telling stories.  This is an ALL too common story in the USA. […]

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By Request Only: Israel’s Subliminal [w/ Remedy & others]

November 4, 2011


11-3-2011 8-59-14 PM subliminal israel

Got a request today for Israeli rapper, Subliminal.  this first cut, though, actually is I like It by Remedy ft. Subliminal.  Just a wicked mix of Remedy’s English against with Subliminal’s Hebrew.  Very cool.

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Danny Brown’s “DNA”: best SONG of 2011. Hands down.

September 24, 2011


9-23-2011 danny brown

It couldn’t be more ironic how addictive the beat on DNA is.  Danny Brown just crushes it on this joint. No wonder he was voted artist of the year 2011 by Real Detroit.

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