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Is MC Frontalot the future of hiphop?

March 25, 2012


3-24-2012 10-55-55 PM mc frontalot stoop sale

We found Frontalot here on Kickstarter. Pretty obvious he’s really talented…and doing what hiphop used to do: tell stories about everyday life. There’s a lot of tired raps out there going over the same tired topics. Nice to see yard sales…er, stoop sales…getting their due.

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The Worst “Best Vegetarian Song Ever” defines Fremdschämen

March 12, 2012


3-11-2012 10-59-27 PM awful veggie song

Fremdschämen. Learn the word. Because it’s that feeling you have when you watch this video: specifically, utter embarrassment for someone else. It’s that same thing you feel 90% of the time watching Reality TV. But it begs the question: why do people think rap lends legimitacy to their diatribes?!

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Happy New Year! From Danny Wang

January 8, 2012


1-8-2012 12-09-39 AM danny wang, china usa

This video is…awfulsome. It’s a combination of one of the worst beats you’ve heard with the What-the?! hook that kills you at first. And just when you’re about to get that, “I feel-bad-for-you-you’re-so-bad feeling, Danny raps… and he’s not half bad!  Far from the worst you’ve/we’ve heard. Also…

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